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Accept crypto on your online store

Integrating easily our online payment solutions in currencies or crypto into your online store. Add APIs into websites, online marketplaces & API’s for CMS platforms (content management system) such as Shopify, Wix, Magento, WordPress..


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Base concept

You have the option to customize your payment page or use the default payment page of your CMS. We offer to our customers very low transaction fees on online payment for every transaction. We also have very attractive fees for payments in foreign currencies. No paid subscription is required to use our solution and there are no fees on withdrawals or minimum amounts.

Crypto Payment Gateway

All e-merchants on the web rely heavily on digital payments, allowing customers to pay for their products electronically. However, most of these digital payment systems are still subject to institutional influences, making them very restrictive. Here’s why your website should start accepting crypto payments.

Main advantages

Connect our solution to your e-commerce website to accept various crypto and hundreds of currencies now. 


Very Low Fees

We offer a complete solution with very competitive fees of 0.95% for payments through  crypto, the visa or Mastercard networks without fixed commissions and minimum purchase.


Instant Payment

Receive funds from your sales instantly in your account. You can choose to convert, send or hold your cryptos for trading. So you can pay your bills, employees, advertising costs.. with an unlimited business card.


Secure & Insured

Secure your activity with our alert tools in case of fraudulent payment attempts and 3D Secure payment window. An alert will be sent to you in case of attempted fraudulent payments 


Customer Service

Access to our dispute management tool to manage problems quickly. You can refund your customers instantly or make a credit note for a future purchase.


Back Office Pro

Benefit from a professional dashboard on which you will have access to the analysis of the financial flows related to your activity(ies). Follow your activity more closely by exporting the data related to it.


Easy to Use

Connect your online store to our payment parcel simply via the app store of your CMS provider. Order your free business card to spend your money in crypto or fiat.

Business solution

A very interesting solution for e-merchants with local or international activity. Current solutions on the market offer fees ranging from 1.4% + $0.25 to 2.9% + $0.25 fixed commission. We offer our customers a complete solution with very competitive fees of 0.95% for payments through the visa and Mastercard networks without fixed commissions and minimum purchase.

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