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NFT collection by Cyrille SAINT ANGE

In collaboration with the french artist Cyrille SAINT-ANGE we will release in 2023 a NFT collection limited to 50 unique pcs. Each nft will be awarded with a sculpture signed by the artist representing the digital artwork !


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About collection

Combine Real & Digital Art

The artist’s inspirations drawn from the future and science takes an important part in the development of his works. The iterative approach of the artist is explained in a scientific way with the cosmological model JANUS. He goes to seek information where time flows in the other direction, he transcends the antimatter in creative matter of direction. 

About the Artist
"The Essential is in the Substance and not in the Form."

Cyrille creates his sculptures on a metal base covered with fireproof cellulose wadding. He uses primarily ecological materials and works with very few tools, without prior sketches. He begins by modeling a shape in wire mesh and then redraws on a tablet from a photo of the work in progress. From this iterative process, the sculpture takes shape naturally. 

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A non-fungible token is a valued data composed of a type of cryptographic token that represents an object (often digital), to which is attached a digital identity (linked to at least one owner). This data is stored and authenticated thanks to a blockchain protocol, which gives it its first value. A non-fungible token is often presented as a title deed, recorded in a public and decentralized digital register.

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